DEADLINE 10 03 2024
Semioculus is always on the lookout for artists willing to share their dark and surreal visions with the world.
Our main aesthetic keywords: dark, dreamlike, macabre, obscure, surreal
For an idea of what we like, please take a look at our previous issues or our Instagram page: @semioculus.
To send us your work, contact us at

We will only take work submitted via email into consideration.


Please follow the format shown below within the body of your email:

• [Artist name]

• [Title of piece(s)] If submitted work is untitled, leave blank

• [Short piece of text tied to the work] Optional – this can be a relevant quote, a brief description of the work, a poem, anything. Descriptive text will most likely not be published in the zine itself, but might be included in posts on our social media platforms.


Format the filenames of your submitted works as follows: ArtistName_TitleOfWork(.jpg/.pdf/.doc)


• All pieces of visual art should be submitted in .jpg, .pdf, .tiff or .png format, at the highest resolution possible (but at least 200DPI).

• Please do not submit more than 6 pieces of visual art at a time. We naturally love having a wide variety of options to choose from, but it becomes overwhelming after a certain point. Think of your poor editors, please!


• All submitted poems/flash fiction must be submitted in .pdf or .doc format. The total length of written pieces should not exceed 6 full A5 pages.

Please make sure that every submitted piece of art, as well its corresponding info, is the official finalized version you’d like to see published. We generally do not accept additional last-minute revisions!
Over the past few years we’ve been running Semioculus as a passion project. Unfortunately that means that at present we are unfortunately NOT able to offer artists financial compensation for submissions. This project is currently strictly meant to offer artists a chance to get their work out there. We of course hope to be able to one day change this.
Semioculus occasionally features content with mature themes unsuitable for younger viewers. As such, we only accept submissions from artists aged 18 and up.
Semioculus prides itself on showcasing a wide variety of art across multiple artistic mediums. We accept artwork in any medium that can be published both digitally and in print format as long as it fits our general aesthetic. Please note that we do not accept AI-generated art or fan art of any kind! We strongly value original work.
Older work not specifically created for our magazine is more than welcome as long as it has not been published in any other ‘official’ publications before, i.e. the publication rights belong to someone else other than the original creator. Self-published works and material previously posted on the artist’s personal official website, social media platforms, etc. are completely fine!
We retain the right to reject any submitted work we deem unfit for publication without any further justification. All artists whose work has been selected for inclusion in the zine will be contacted within a period of 1 – 2 weeks after the submission deadline for one of our issues has passed.
The original artist retains all the rights to their submitted work. Semioculus has the right to feature any and all works selected for publication in the zine on its social media pages. The original creators of the works in question will always be credited.