DEADLINE 15 06 2023

Our main aesthetic keywords: dark, dreamlike, macabre, obscure, surreal
For an idea of what we like, please take a look at our previous issues or our Instagram page: @semioculus

To avoid confusion with our currently ongoing SEMIOCULUS XVII submissions, please add [SEMIOCULUS EXHIBITION] to the title of your email.

To send us your work, contact us at:
Please follow the format shown below within the body of your email:

[Artist name]

[Title of piece(s)] If submitted work is untitled, leave blank

[Physical dimensions of piece(s)] Please make sure to indicate which unit of measurement you used for our sake! Being Europeans, we are of course more accustomed to centimeters

[Artistic medium] All submitted works must be either ANALOG COLLAGE or PRINT ART (i.e. cyanotypes, linocuts, screen prints, etc.) featuring an element of collage art. This exhibition is for collage art/collage-adjacent art only

Format the filenames of your submitted works as follows: ArtistName_TitleOfWork(.jpg/.pdf/.png)
Artists are allowed to submit up to 5 pieces for consideration.
The exhibition will be taking place in November 2023 at Tartu’s TYPA gallery, which is a family friendly venue.
As such, anything too excessively sexually explicit or gory is unfortunately not allowed.
When in doubt, feel free to run your work by us and we’ll let you know whether it’d be suitable or not.

Selected artists are responsible for the shipment of their artworks to/from Estonia.
Please note that the artwork does NOT have to be framed! What’s most important is that everything’s packed safely.